Onsite Testing

convenient & accurate results

Mobile drug, alcohol, DNA testing, and Phlebotomy Services

At Secure Health Partners, we are the leader in toxicology testing services. We can help implement a cost-effective and comprehensive program for your business.

After hours: 24/7 and 365
After hours: 5:01PM TO 6:59AM
After hours phone number: 720-808-7690


We come to your workplace to test employees minimizing time away from their job.

Also recommended for post-accident and reasonable suspicion events where you need to
test the employee, but do not want them driving themselves to the lab. We routinely perform onsite testing for clients with large employee pools (over 1000). Volume discounts may apply.

We also perform onsite testing at remote locations like well drilling sites, highway constructions sites and building construction sites.

Onsite testing can include any service from drug and alcohol testing, biometric screens to occupational health services.



We frequently respond to calls for DNA testing at hospital NICU units to determine paternity status of newborn babies and funeral homes to determine paternity of deceased for property entitlements and social security benefits. We can come to the office for the busy executive, to the home if someone cannot take the trip to the lab, or to the Assisted Living facility.